Battle of Vicksburg 3


Enroll in the army of the North or South and join the infantry, cavalry, artillery, sharpshooter or the navy.
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December 6, 2019
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Battle of Vicksburg 3 apk download for free

Join the army in the north or south and join the infantry, cavalry, artillery, sharpshooter or navy.

Lead and direct your troops to charge or defend strongholds.

Join the navy and engage in fierce naval battles to control the strong Mississippi and strongholds on high cliffs.

Give orders to your fleet to win fierce naval battles, from the northern base of the Union at Cape Yante to the southern stronghold of the Great Bay.

Fight on the historic Civil War battlefield of the Battle of Vicksburg, including: “Champion Hill”, “Great Heihe Bridge” and “Railway Fortress”.

Experience the American Civil War in an original mixture of first-person shooter and strategy games!


  • Command infantry and cavalry to follow accommodation or charge.
  • Drive armored trains on the battlefield and support your army with artillery and new reinforcements.
  • Sail various warships and armored forces and command friendly naval forces.
  • Board the troops, sail into enemy territory, and attack the enemy’s rear.
  • Operate artillery artillery and mortar. Mark the crew’s goals.
  • Ride a horse and lead a cavalry charge through the enemy team.
  • Occupy and hold strategic plantation sawmills and supply stations to produce resources.
  • Build various naval guns and defense facilities.
  • Fierce battle, with hundreds of active troops and many strongholds to conquer.
  • 12 huge historical battlefields built at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Offline games, no internet required.

What's new

v3.12 Sandbox Mode!

Performance optim.

9 new battlefields!
Ships and naval combat
Trains with guns!
Horse riding, new horses

Paddle-wheel steamers
Ironclads & rams
Sloop-of-War flagships
Mortar barges & schooners

Army classes
Resource system
New build options
Sniper rifle, repeater rifle, cannons & artillery
Gatling Gun

High rank officers
New cavalry type
New musicians

Map with icons
Win conditions
Soldier voices
Skills & medals

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