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Apocalypse has come. It had been prophesied centuries ago, and people all over the world of Ylkis were expecting it, ready to one day face the wrath of the Gods.
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May 20, 2020
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Dark Raider mod apk free download

Revelation is here. It has been predicted for centuries, and people around the world in Ilkis are looking forward to it, preparing to face the anger of the gods one day.

With chaotic rule, the end of the era seems inevitable. But the gods seem to give us the last chance. The underground city has been opened, and hope has been rekindled. Some people say that every time you conquer the dungeon, the world will live another day, and humanity may once again prove its value to the gods.

Therefore, the race against time began. Do you want to save the world from impending doom, or do you want to be the one to exterminate the world?


“Dark Raider” is a brand new retro action game brought to you by the same team of tribe members. Assault hundreds of dungeons, invade through waves of enemies, and defeat powerful bosses with this brand new “cut and slash action” action type.

Randomly generated map

The game uses random maps. Each time players need to explore new areas and fight different monsters, the dungeon will be reset after the player dies. Therefore, the player will never perform the same run twice.

Can provide a variety of heroes

As the main line advances, you can unlock three different heroes. They are warriors, mages and barbarians. Warrior focuses on fast attack speed and fast movement, he is the best choice to deal with fast enemies. The mage is focused on blasting damage, she is very cunning, but can cause a lot of damage. The barbarian is focused on survival. He has higher defense and more health, but his attack speed is also the slowest.

Dark theme art style

Dark Raiders have their own unique artistic style. It uses a modern approach to create a retro feel. It also uses TFR-ISO to make dungeons more immersive. Players will have the opportunity to explore this great fantasy world and enjoy their adventure.


Provide multiple characters, you can always find the one that suits you.
Hardcore action combat, you can use various combos to defeat the enemy.
Every time you run, you will become more powerful, and there are more than 17 different poems to collect
Epic boss battles, there are 23 different bosses waiting for your challenge.
Unique artistic style creates a huge dark theme dungeon.



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