Final Frontier: Space Fantasy


It’s the year 3018. After the depletion of all natural resources, space colonization seems to be the only way for humanity to survive. Become an Intergalactic Captain and lead this desperate mission to discover new planets where human civilization can thrive.
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August 20, 2018
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Final Frontier: apk free download

It was 3018. After all natural resources are exhausted, space colonization seems to be the only way for human survival. Become an intergalactic captain and lead this arduous task to discover a new planet where human civilization can flourish.

Exploring the new world, no one has walked before facing the difficult situation brought about by different characters. How will you respond to their needs? Swipe left or right quickly to make a decision to build or destroy your colony. But… don’t forget that every decision has its consequences. Maintain resource balance!

Game features Final Frontier:

-Interesting mechanism. Enjoy the fascinating character narrative adventure game presented through selected character cards. In the decision-making process, you need to check four elements: energy, population, metropolis and earth. Your choice will determine the future of humanity.

-A new galaxy is available for exploration. Travel to new and exciting planets full of life, and in the process of facing new and unexpected choices to make them happy. Swipe to colonize the entire galaxy and discover its secrets!

Final Frontier: apk

-Rich and profound narrative. Through the “Final Frontier” character deck, experience a variety of potential problematic and interesting situations. More than 250 different narrative festivals for you to explore! A truly fascinating story that allows you to immerse yourself in the experience and attract you through scene and character interaction.

You can also play the game to complete all achievements in the game, collect all modifiers and possible deaths. Form a strategic alliance and swipe to eliminate the enemy and ensure the future of humanity!

Play, decide, choose, swipe and rule the space! Play the role of captain in every decision.

As you advance through the stars, discover new science fiction cards and search for new planets in a space where humans might be safe. Command your crew and rule the space on an interplanetary journey.

All the choices you slide in the decision are crucial to this space character mission game. Remember, I want to rule the space that must slide to the right to maintain the balance of energy, population, city and planet. Read, decide and swipe to continue to advance in deep space.

This is a character decision mobile game, you always have two choices: swipe right or left to decide the future of humanity. In this narrative role game, you always have to decide between two choices: right choice. This decision is crucial for every situation.

Final Frontier:

Ways to collect death! It is difficult to survive in space, sometimes the colony will show up to you, so please slide correctly, if you don’t want to die so fast, make sure your decision is always correct. The better the choice you make, the longer your life will be.

Travel through time in space to rule as long as possible. How many years do you think you can survive? Once you die, another captain will replace you, and you will be able to manage them, so please make sure that your decision is always in favor of the card status to extend the life. Participate in the role of commanders, ministers, chief engineers, military doctors, scientists, first officials, pilots, communications administrators and other roles, and then slide the correct decision to maintain a resource balance.

Spend some time playing games on your phone to ensure that your decisions are safe and swiped correctly.

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