The Wild Darkness


Inside a forest on a mysterious world...
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July 7, 2020
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The Wild Darkness mod apk download free

The Wild Darkness In the forest of a mysterious world…
The wizard casts a spell in the dark.
After the ceremony, a series of lights fell from the sky.

Then, you will regain consciousness in a strange forest.
Where am I? Where is this place? !

Game features

You are called to another world against your will.
You don’t know anything, everything is strange to you.

You must find food yourself and pay attention to the monsters that appear at night.
If you let go of your vigilance, it will be your end.
If you die, it will be a game and you have to start from scratch.

However, each death brings more information
Crafts and totems can help you complete the game.

This requires patience and concentration, but you will find happiness in the journey.

Now, be brave! Your destiny is waiting for you!
Challenge yourself in a brand new gaming experience in another world!

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What's new

-Burned trees grow again.
-The lightning rod of another map produces mana.
-Add a recipe for producing steel ingots from iron ingots.
-Increase in exchange value of the Elf's coin(4x).
-Cool potion, warm potion bug fixes.
-Add a room to get food in the beginning.
-Reduces the probability of a Crest of Transcendence from a store.
-Refrigeration related to smelting
-Re-modified to allow the trap to be passed by levitation magic.
-Modification of Japanese and Thai language translation.
-Bug fixes.


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